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What to Do With an Extra Hour?

On24/ 10 /18
‘If I only had more time!’ – Does this phrase sound familiar? With the clocks soon to go back, there is always the thrill of gaining an additional hour. So, imagine you had an extra 60 minutes each day - how would you use it? 

Take it easy

The question for employers has always remained: “How can I make my employees perform their best?”. Most employers would want any additional time to be spent on work, but, in reality, what people need to make them more productive when they are at work is more free time to relax and just have fun.

According to a poll from The Huffington Post, the most significant chunk of survey respondents (36%) would use an additional hour to relax, while only 5% would be willing to spend the extra sixty minutes on the office work.  

So how can the workplaces adjust? With the changing world of technology, anyone can access almost everything they need from anywhere, giving employers more freedom to offer their workers remote working. By adopting this strategy, employees can spend more time on leisure, which is critical to increasing brain function and shape new ways of thinking. 

Work/life balance

27% of survey respondents would also happily spend their extra hour meeting with family and friends. 

Spending an additional hour with the family can do wonders for family bonding and can also help to reduce work-related stress, which is very beneficial to job performance as well as overall wellbeing.


The survey also revealed that a number of people would be willing to spend their additional hour per day on physical activity. With long working hours, it can be a real challenge to make time for exercise, having an extra sixty minutes each day would definitely help to resolve this.

Physical fitness has been proven to boost your work performance, increasing your capability for a promotion and pay rise!

What would others do?

“I would use it for wellness: to meditate, do yoga, or otherwise cultivate mindfulness. I always find it difficult to create the space for these activities, BUT when I do, I truly find that it makes the entire rest of my day and order of magnitude better.” – Caroline, source: Levo

“If I had an extra hour a day, I would take care of myself. Daily in these 24 hours, I take care of my work, my family, friends, issues, roommates everything, but this extra hour, I would just spend for myself, as they say, "ME-time". Many times, I look in front of the mirror and remember that I oiled my hair a few months back, these nail polish which is in tits-bits need to be removed, I just haven't taken enough care of my skin, and that day I would work for it, but it never-ever became a routine.” – Ami, source: Quora

“I will eat my meals patiently and enjoy every bite of it” – Chirag, source: Quora

“In an ideal scenario, I would utilise that extra hour planning the other 24.”- Sarthak, source: Quora

“I would definitely spend that extra hour for myself and with my family. I feel our parents give us a hell lot of their time irrespective of their busy lives and schedule. We owe at least 1 hour extra to them and making them laugh.” – Roopkatha, source: Quora

How about a four-day working week?

While an extra hour a day sounds dreamy, what kind of impact would it have in the reality and how realistic really is it?

The UK’s Trade Union Council (TUC) has called for a four-day maximum working week as part of its research into how changes to current and future workplaces can benefit workers. Some arguments brought by TUC include improved productivity, better working lives and protected jobs. 

Of course, fewer hours at work inevitably means a salary drop. According to the Huffington Post, 67% would reject this opportunity if it resulted in 20% less pay, but it certainly provides some food for thought for employers regarding how they can help to support a healthy work/life balance moving forward. 

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